AMG Kick-Ass Brass! World Class Virtual Horn Section

AMG are delighted to offer a virtual instrument version of our outstanding brass library! Now available in Audio Unit, VST, RTAS and Standalone versions for Mac and PC.

This library is an extended and improved version of our 5 star award-winning library with the addition of Baritone Sax & Muted Trumpet along with an improved Trombone. Kick-Ass Brass! is 8 part multitimbral and designed for multitimbral arranging and live performance applications.

A brass arranger's dream machine - 8 Parts per instance
Kick-Ass Brass! is made to be used. It's not one of those virtual instruments that sound flashy but don't perform. The great thing about Kick-Ass Brass! is that whilst it will sound great in anyone's hands, a skilled brass arranger will really make it sing. It has all the elements an arranger needs to create a modern horn section. Each instance of KAB features 8 parts which is more than enough in most cases, but if you need more it's no problem. Add another instance and carry on. It has a very light CPU load and although obviously the sounds can take up RAM the files are actually much smaller than you'l find in many other unnecessarily bloated libraries. We also include especially small versions of many of the main, larger patches which are fine for live applications if size and load times are critical. This is a virtual instrument that performs - not a prima donna you have to be a slave to.

AMAZING sounds - the only convincing substitute for the real thing available today!
The most important thing about Kick-Ass Brass! is it's sound. Users and reviewers all agree it's 'simply stellar' and the closest thing to a real horn section available today. It's not a massive classical or orchestral library, if this is what you're after there are better alternatives out there maybe. KAB is a modern, tight, exciting horn section that will transform any modern pop, rock, R&B, soul or jazz track - in fact any track that needs standout, in-your-face, show-stopping horn sounds. Examine every note and you'll find the odd imperfection, maybe that's what's so special about Kick-Ass Brass! - it's based on real performances from a real horn section, not an idealized, tweaked-to-death version that they would never play. Who knows? The results speak for themselves though...

Loaded with smart technology but very low maintenance
Kick-Ass Brass!' 64-bit engine ticks away under the hood, taking care of business and delivering time and again without any fuss. Everything works so you can just concentrate on playing. It demands very little but delivers a lot thanks to the smart technologies employed throughout the design process.

Available in a wide range of formats...
Kick-Ass Brass! is available in all the major plug-in formats too. Dedicated Audio Unit version for Mac users in addition to RTAS and VST versions so you can easily host it in all the industry standard applications such as Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, and countless others besides. If you don't wish to use a plug-in host we also supply Standalone versions for both Mac & PC too.

Kick-Ass Brass! Minimum System Requirements
Windows - XP, 1 ghz processor, 1 gb RAM or better.
Mac OSX - 10.3.9, 1 ghz G4/G5 or 1 ghz Intel processor, 1 gb RAM or better.
VST2.x compatible host program (VST2.4 required for OSX with Intel processor) OR Audio Unit compatible host OR Pro Tools 7.x UNLESS you elect to simply use the included Standalone version instead of a plug-in.
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Disponibilité: Disponible en commande et généralement livrable en 3 à 6 jours

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435,99 $
Financement disponible pour aussi peu que 10.03$ par mois.

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