Violins & String Instruments

The violin is a wooden string instrument beautifully designed. It is usually composed of four strings which are tuned a fifth from each other (which means that each string is five notes away from the string besides it: G, D, A, E for example.

The violin is at once the smallest and highest sounding member of the string family, which includes the violin, the viola, the cello and the double bass. Often, due to the scope of its sounds, the violins are used to convey the melody in the orchestra. The violin is the most well-known instrument of the string family, which also includes the viola (which looks like a big violin, the cello and the double bass).

The construction of a violin is a process of several steps. That is why it must be done by a skilled luthier. Luthiers also repair instruments and often perform the repairs on the bows of a violin.

The violin is not always made from the same types of wood. There is the sound post of the violin, which is located in the interior, this piece allows you to transmit the strings' vibrations in the resonator, it is reinforced by a harmony bar, which facilitates the propagation of sounds.

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13 Item(s)